Rev. Kenneth E. Baker
Wedding Officiant

P O Box 34214, Las Vegas, NV 89128
Phone: (702) 839-1413
Cell: (702) 379-2176
E-mail: pastor@abundantweddings.com
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Abundant Weddings
Rev. Kenneth E. Baker
P O Box 34214
Las Vegas, NV 89128
E-Mail: pastor@abundantweddings.com
Phone: (702) 839-1413
Cell:   (702) 379-2176
Fax:   (702) 839-0088

About Pastor Baker

In childhood when growing up, Rev. Baker never missed a church service. This spanned the time from childhood until age 29, at which time he moved out of the state.

Rev. Baker is a saved born again Christian and rededicated his life to Christ on Aug. 26, 2000. Since a teenager Rev. Baker has been involved with the Church and Church related activities.

His first ministry started in 1975, since then he has served as:

Sunday School Teacher
Board Member
Van/Bus Driver
Assistant Pastor 
Choir Member
Maintenance Personnel

Also other positions as needed to assist in the way of Kingdom building and soul winning.

Other current memberships:
  • Nationally recognized certified Miss America Judge.
  • Political Action Committee Member.
  • Voting Registration and Phone Bank.
  • Secret Service clearance for Presidential Motorcade.
  • Board Member for Rose of Sharon Ministries.

Rev. Baker has also hosted several live streaming internet television programs. At the present, He is currently hosting a live broadcast on KKVV 1060 AM radio. This can be heard on the internet at KKVV.com. Sundays at 1:00 pm PST. This program is audience participation and the phone lines are always open so feel free to join us anytime.

After experiencing the joy of serving the body of Christ, none gives a greater pleasure than to have the honor and privilege of wedding a man and a women together in Holy Matrimony. This new exposure gives exuberant delight which serves as reward for the time of preparation.

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  Posted: December 2, 2011
Reverend Baker officiated a beautiful ceremony.  His words were well spoken and clearly understood.  I was impressed with his lighting, which allowed the focus to be on the couple and his video set-up, with which he created a memorable video of the special day.  I would definitely recommend him to anyone who is looking to get married in Las Vegas.

Teresa Powell

Reverend Kenneth Baker was amazing at my sisters wedding.  We all came in from out of town, not really knowing what to expect.  Reverend Kenneth Baker exceeded the family's expectations.  We were off to a late start and he made everything run so smoothly despite of this.  The ceremony was beautiful,  I cant wait to see all the pictures and video.  Reverend Kenneth Baker asked all the questions that we hadnt even thought about, and put our nerves to rest. Hehehe.  We cant thank him enough!!!

Miriam  Pena

Posted: November 29, 2011

Reverend Kenneth Baker was very thoughtful and nice. It was apparent that he invested a lot of time in making the ceremony very special for everyone. His loving and caring personality shined during the ceremony. He truly is a kind man!  Thank you! 

Lilliann Navarro and Salvador Navarro

 I would like to thank Reverend Kenneth Baker for the beautiful ceremony for my daughter’s wedding.  It was very nice and pleasant to have them both him and his wife. God bless them so they can continue to be a blessing for others.  

 Thank you, 

Lupe Pena

Community Manager

Lakeside Apartments




I attended Joe and Denise’s Wedding  on 11/22/11 in Las Vegas where Reverend Kenneth Baker officiated the ceremony and I have to say that  he did a very good job.  He was pleasant and knew what, how and when things had to be done to make Joe and Denise’s day special and memorable. 

Thank you,


Rosie Lujan

Posted: November 28, 2011

Rev. Kenneth & Mrs. Baker,

Greg and I cannot thank you enough for everything the two of you did to help make our marriage ceremony a lifetime memory.  You both were professional and caring.  We were so blessed to have found you!  I would not have changed a single thing about our wedding.  Thank you for accommodating us on such short notice.  We called you just hours before we wanted to get married.  You never hesitated to offer suggestions and other helpful information.  The service the two of you provided was priceless.  Thank you for spending time with us and the care you took in making sure we had a quality, memorable wedding.  We appreciate the work that you do.

Posted: November 21, 2011

Rev.Baker is the most PATIENT, UNDERSTANDING & THOUGHTFUL person I have every had the pleasure of doing business with. Things don't always go as U plan them, but having someone like Rev.Baker to help U thru the process REALLY MAKES A DIFFERENCE. I would have gone CrAzY without Rev.Baker. I would MOST DEFINATELY recommend Abundant Weddings to ANY & EVERY 1 who will B getting married in Las Vegas, or the surrounding area. There is NO WAY U can pass up the opportunity to work with ppl who HONESTLY have your best interest @ heart & are willing to work with U no matter what. STANDING OVATION to Rev.Baker & Abundant Weddings!!! You are truly the ppl who make DREAMS come true.THANK U 4 Evrythng.U R 4evr in R Hearts.11/11/11
Alanna Lockhart

Posted: November 19, 2011

Dearest Reverend and Mrs. Baker,
It was such a pleasure meeting you both.  You are the both such blessed people.  Your help was not only much needed, but so very appreciated.  I want you to know I will highly recommend your services to all my friends and family.  Such a beautiful couple and an awesome team!  Thanks again for everything  you did for us, you went over and above your duties and exceeded all my expectations.  God Bless You Both!  Warmest Regards, Tracy 

Posted: November 17, 2011

Thanks for your tip about the pre-application for marriage, u saved us a lot of time.

Joseph & Laura Boyden

Posted: November 11, 2011

THANK YOU! I can not say enough about how awesome my wedding turned out. I am from Minnesota and was very short on time to plan my wedding in Las Vegas on October 8th. Rev Baker and his wife were on the ball. I was undecided on where to have my wedding when I came across a picture on the web, when I asked Rev. Baker about the location he stated he was not familiar with it, within 1 day he had drove to the location and took pictures at the exact time we wanted to get married and sent them to me. WOW! It was perfect. The  amount of pictures and time spent with us was truly amazing. You would never be treated this good at any of the chapels in Las Vegas. The pictures were awesome and Rev. Baker, his wife, and the photographer made my special day the best it could possibly be. There is no doubt in my mind that Abundant Weddings is the only way to go for your fabulous Las Vegas Wedding!!!!

Crystal & Jeremy Johnson

Posted: October 21, 2011

Reverend Baker, Im soo sorry we didnt get a chance to talk more to you and your lovely wife after the ceremony, just so much going on!!!  I dont beleive that words can truly capture how happy we are with you guys, you and Correan are two of the most kind and beautiful people we've ever met and we couldnt be happier that you were a part of the greatest moment of our lives so far.... thank you both a thousand times over, we are beyond pleased!!! We are so happy to be home, it was a long drive home but we made it safe and sound and are excited to begin our marriage!!! many thanks..

Kristie Grimes

October 10, 2011

Rev. Baker,

Yes it was a wonderful celebration we THANK YOU and your wife so very much!! It was our pleasure to have both of you be a part of our wedding!!! Will definitely recommend you to anyone!!!

Thank you,

Aaron and Kimberlly Cain

August 9, 2011

My mother and I put together a fabulous home wedding for my niece on July 27th, 2011 and it turned out to be a fairytale, thanks in large to Reverend Kenneth Baker from Abundant Weddings and the photographer, Kevin McDonald, whom he brought along with him. Reverend Baker was extremely professional and oh so kind; a man of integrity and respect.  He didn't try to "take over" things but instead, gave his input and advice, which was very valuable and he always put our ideas and visions first.  The ceremony he presented was very organized and complete.  I couldn't have asked for a better minister and man of God.  He took great interest in our wedding and reception and did his best to make this day special for us all. The Bride and Groom, Lakeysha and Greg, were very pleased with his services. He was more like a friend of the family than someone who was simply performing a wedding for two people he had just met, not to mention he was extremely patient with us and the kids we had over.  To shine some light on his patience; he stayed at our home from 5:30pm to 12 midnight, that's six and a half hours if you do the math! We recieved the DVD'S in the mail just six days later and they turned out to be "out of this world beautiful."  The pictures were "to die for!" I would recommend Reverend Baker and Abundant Weddings to any and everyone in the Las Vegas area who plan to unite in holy matrimony!  Thank you Abundant Weddings!

Tyrone and Sandra Foster
..The Uncle and Grandmother of the Bride

July 26, 2011

I would like to thank Rev Baker and also Ms. Correan for being so warm and kind to Anthony and I. I searched for the right Pastor to marry us, because in my heart I just didn't just want just anybody. I chose someone but I asked God to send me the right Pastor for my ceremony. God puts people in your life for a reason and I know he put Rev Baker and Ms Correan in ours for a very special one. Our vows weren't just said to us but given with compassion and grace. We felt like we had been knowing the Bakers for years instead of just a couple of days. I pray that my union with Anthony be as warm as Rev Baker, and I pray that I walk with such grace along side my husband as Ms. Correan does hers in such support and love. We got so much more than we expected with them and the package, our pictures and video was amazing and so important.
Anthony & I, along with my family and friends Thank you so very much.
We love you in Jesus name...

I just wanted to let you two lovely people know that we have made it back home safely of God's mercy and grace. Also I wanted to thank you again and again for performing a wonderful, warm, homely ceremony. I
felt like I've been knowing you all for a very long time. You are to beautiful people of God, and I feel so Blessed to say that we were married by the Bakers. Ms. Correan is one of the sweetest woman i have ever met, she seems like such a mother to all, always with a pretty smile. Please let her know that i say, " Ms Correan I'm still smiling"..

the pictures and the video is marvelous...

I pray that this letter finds you in good health, strength, peace and grace.

Mya Hill

June 14, 2011

I would like to thank Rev. Baker and his wife Correan for everything they did to make the renewal vows for my daughter Laurie and son-in-law Kevin for such a beautiful event. I am so lucky to have found such wonderful people to perform the ceremony. Thank you for the pictures. I will keep you in mind for the future.

Lorraine Shaver

Posted: June 14, 2011

Thank you very much for such a memorable wedding ceremony. You went above and beyond from what you needed to do for us. We appreciate that you took pictures of our special day and your wife was a great help to us as well. We will most definitely recommend you to others who may need a ceremony officiant in Las Vegas. Thank you again, George and Lana Bahumes

Lana and George Bahumes

Posted: May 16, 2011

My wife and I renewed our wedding vows on May 7th,2011. Rev. Baker and his wife,Correan came to our home(way out here in Sandy Valley I might add)to perform our ceremony. Let me first say that I have never experienced such professionalism and yet so personal at the same time! They both helped make our special day so wonderful. They are at the top of my list of recommendations! God bless you both! And thank you again so much!


Posted: May 16, 2011

I do not have the words to express how blessed you helped make our special day! I did go to your website and post tonight (I listed my other email AKB4God@yahoo.com as my email). Thank you so much for everything that you and Corean did for us. My wife Laurie and I, was so very pleased by how well you both handled our ceremony. It really was even better than our wedding ceremony!

Please know that any time in the future that I will ALWAYS recommend you! God bless you both and thank you so much once again.

Kevin & Laurie Barfield

Posted: April 07, 2011
My husband and I were married on Mar. 19th 2011 in a private rental home in Las Vegas by Rev Baker and help from his wife, Correan. When I first started looking for an officiant I really didn't know what to expect. I had called 3-4 different services I had found off of various websites before I came across Rev Bakers from thegatheringguide.com. After talking to first Correan and then the Reverend, I knew they were the ones I wanted to perform our ceremony. The rev was very patient and answered my many questions and gave very good advice. He sent out several Vegas postcards to mail to the people who couldn't make it to my wedding. He outlined all of what he offered in each package in great detail and the costs. Absolutely nothing was hidden as far as fees or unexpected costs. And you definitely get more than what you pay for as Rev Bakers packages offer more than even most hotel packages for the same price.

Lastly, the most appreciated quality about Rev Baker and Correan is that while they are both deeply religious people, they respected my wishes in meaning that neither myself nor my husband are not. So we didn't feel that "pressure" of religion and God being put on us or anyone else in our small party. This made our whole ceremony wonderful and private. We all had a great time and truly enjoyed ourselves.  We both just wanted to say we were very blessed to have found the two of them to perform our ceremony and we greatly appreciated and expected them to have the meals with us. It's how we were both brought up..to show our gratitude and thanks. 


Lacey and Derick Jiwan

Posted: March 04, 2011
Dear Rev. and Mrs. Baker:
When I went online to find a Pastor who would officiate our wedding ceremony for us, I had no idea what to expect.  However, I knew the kind of service that we wanted and we wanted it to be 'God honoring'.  We wanted our marriage to be blessed and we definitely 'chose' the perfect man to do the nuptials for us.  An added 'bonus' was the Pastors' beautiful wife, Correan.  She brought along appropriate music, and also took some great photos for us and made everyone feel comfortable and at ease.  It all turned out just as we'd hoped and we can't thank them enough. 

With our most sincere thanks.

Terry and Carole Dolasinski

January 18, 2011
After my partner of 7 years and I decided to get married, we decided to get married in Las Vegas on Christmas Day. When our plane landed, I had a voice mail on my phone. My best friend who was going to pick us up at the airport had been in a car accident. She was going to take us to get our license first thing. When I found out she could not make it, I called Rev. Baker to let him know we were stuck at the airport.

He had already been so kind to let us know just what to do as soon as we got to Las Vegas, but our original plans fell through and we needed to come up with a game plan. Rev. Baker went into action to help us get from the airport and help with filling out the application for our marriage license. When we got our license, Rev. Baker was ready to marry us; however, I wanted to be married with my friend present to witness with us. We set two times on Christmas Day to be married, but were unable to make it both times.

We then set the time for the next day and Rev. Baker was very patient with us. He and his wife were both very gracious as they came the day after Christmas at our arranged time and place. With my friend present, Rev. Baker delivered a beautiful ceremony that was perfect for us. Many thanks to you and your lovely wife Rev. Baker.

Debbye Huebner

Houston, Texas

Rev. Kenneth Baker married my bride and me in small, private ceremony in our hotel suite at the Bellagio during Thanksgiving, 2010. The wedding was planned on less than one week's notice, and Rev. Baker was responsive, courteous and gracious throughout. He showed particular sensitivity in customizing the service to meet our particular faith requirements. The ceremony was elegant, simple and dignified. I highly recommend Rev. Kenneth Baker if you are looking for a pastor or officiant for your Las Vegas wedding.


Toronto, Canada


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